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What Different Types of Newspapers are There in Bangladesh?



What different types of newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

Undoubtedly, newspapers are the ultimate way to get daily news updates. And newspapers come in different languages or forms, such as daily, monthly, and weekly.

This blog describes different types of newspapers available in Bangladesh and a brief history.

Types of Newspapers in Bangladesh

According to the Information Ministry, in 2018, the total number of registered media was 3,025. That consists of national and local newspapers. The number may vary a little in the current time.

Here we have categorized Bangladeshi newspapers according to publishing interval, and language. We have also categorized it based on publishing ways.

According to Publishing Interval

There are generally 3 types of newspapers in Bangladesh according to publishing intervals.

  1. Daily newspapers:

There are more than a thousand daily newspapers in Bangladesh. Still, there is the trend to start the morning with a newspaper. Newspaper dealers are the earliest part of the everyday workforce as they must reach the news to the readers before opening the main door.

  • Weekly Newspapers:

A weekly newspaper usually comes out once or twice a week. Unlike the daily newspapers, specific classes or ages of people buy or read them. These newspapers also publish local or community news.

  • Monthly Newspapers:

The monthly newspaper is the best print media if you want in-depth coverage of any recent event. It might not provide real-time news, but the reader can get the A-Z of an event.

According to Language

The newspapers in Bangladesh are published in two languages.

  1. Bangla Newspapers:

Bangladesh is not a big country. But, comparatively, more or less 1000 Bangla types of newspapers are currently being published. Most of the people here read newspapers in Bangla. Many of the readers also contribute columns for their favorite newspapers.

  1. English Newspapers:

There are nearly 40 English newspapers in Bangladesh. Though Bangladesh’s 95% people’s first language is Bangla, many people, especially students, scholars, teachers, and professionals, read English newspapers. Like Bangla newspapers, the special editions of English types of newspapers are very popular.

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According to Medium of Study

There can be two more categories that can be mentionable to classify Bangladeshi types of newspapers further. We must not skip them-

  1. Online Newspapers
  2. Offline Newspapers (Printed Version)

Besides the hardcopy, there are also online versions types of newspapers. That has increased the readers of the newspapers because online people can access their channels within seconds. At the same time, there are instant updates on the news. So, the number of online readers of newspapers is increasing daily, whether in Bangladesh or worldwide.

History of newspapers in Bangladesh

The thing is – newspapers from the previous century are still prevailing, staying parallel to the online portals (and online versions) or social media. Let’s see where the journey began.

It’s not easy to mark the exact emerging point of newspaper history in Bangladesh. People agree that Bengal Gazette is the first newspaper in Bangladesh. It was published in 1780 when Bangladesh was a part of British India. We can mention some of the earliest renowned newspapers: the Calcutta Gazette, the Bengal journal, and the Calcutta Chronicle.

Reportedly, The Samachar Darpan (1818) was the first newspaper ever published in Bangla by the missionaries from Shree Rampur. The Bengal Gazette was also published in the same year.

From then on, so many newspapers have been published in Bangladesh. Some earliest newspapers are the Daily Ittefaq, the Daily Sangbad, the Daily Azad, etc. The first two are still functioning now.

Some most famous newspapers in Bangladesh

Different people like to read in their ways. The reason for publishing a newspaper is because of the objectives and method of work a respective authority or organization owns, be it a business or social alms.

There are a bunch of newspapers we can name at a time in the context of Bangladesh. The first newspaper on the list would be the daily Prothom Alo. Even the readers of other newspapers will mention this one commonly. It’s a Bangla newspaper.

Besides Prothom Alo, we can mention the daily Bangladesh Protidin, the daily Jugantor, the daily Kaler Kantho, the Daily Ittefaq, etc.

The Daily Star, The Independent, The Bangladesh  Today, The Financial Express, and The New Age are notable among the English newspapers.

Last Words

Newspaper is a significant field in determining the freedom of speech of a country. It also plays a vital role in making people conscious of their rights and responsibilities besides constructing public opinion.

Simply like other countries, Bangladesh has different types of newspapers. And, yes, they have their motives.

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