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Top 10 Scary Movies Every Horror Fan Must Watch



Top 10 Scary Movies Every Horror Fan Must Watch

Horror is one of the most popular genres. To take a break from a boring routine, a lot of people watch horror movies to experience the thrill of anticipation, fear, and unexpected jump scares. Such films take the viewers on a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. And that’s the beauty of this genre. 

In this article, you can find some of the best spooky movies you can add to your watchlist. You can stream them on cable services like Spectrum TV Choice package and streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. So, let’s check out some of the titles that will keep you from turning off your lamp at night and hanging your feet from the bed’s corner.  


If you are a Stephen King fan, It is a film worth watching. Watching “It” with someone by your side is more advisable if you fear clowns. Because in this film, you can see one of the scariest clowns ever named Pennywise. The plot of the film revolves around young kids and the supernatural murderous clown. The film packs plenty of unexpected scares and much of the horror DNA of Stephen King.  


Do you like slow-burn horror movies? These are the ones that take time to set the theme and create a steady tension between the atmosphere and characters. If yes, then add a lot of horrors, and you have Conjuring. A family with five daughters contacts paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to see what’s happening in their house, which then follows horrific events. The brilliance of director James Wan makes this movie one of the best horror films you can watch.  

Conjuring 2 

Conjuring 2 is another horror film by James Wan and the same main characters of paranormal investigators of Ed and Lorraine Warren. This time they investigate a case of a single mother living with her daughters that now faces supernatural activities in her house. The investigators again try to evict the evil spirits from the house. Like the original Conjuring 2 packs a lot of horrors.  


Another horror masterpiece from director James Wan with many audio and visual jump scares is Insidious. The use of music and themes in horror scenes is among some of the best, if not the best. A family moves into a new house where they start to experience paranormal activities. Things get out of hand when the son falls into a coma. What’s more, in this film is a unique concept of “astral projection”. 

Insidious 2 

If you watch the Insidious series, the correct order is to watch Insidious first and then Insidious 2. It is because the plot follows the events of the first film but with more horror. Again, you can experience excellent audio and video work to intensify the plot. But this time, the ghost is spookier, and the plot gets much darker. 

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Paranormal Activity 

Paranormal Activity is a horror movie franchise that gives viewers a fresh concept of security camera view. It is another slow burner where you will see plenty of horror scenes, demonic activities, and an unexpected climax. Also, an interesting thing about this movie is its minimal shooting budget. If you like Paranormal Activity, there are seven more films from this franchise.  

A Nightmare on Elm Street 

If you want to enjoy a combination of paranormal and slasher horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street is a film you can watch. In this film, there’s a murderous ghost of Freddy Krueger with a claw who kills the characters who fall asleep. So, the main lead does everything from taking caffeine to other measures just to stay up. Besides all the horror, another thing you may like about this film is that a young Johnny Depp stars in it.  


The Purge franchise covers many horror films and a series based on a social experiment. What would happen if people were no laws for 24 hours? Chaos. That’s exactly what happens in this film, with people murdering and plundering each other on the purge day. It is a different type of horror that is usually not shown in films.  

The Exorcist 

If you like paranormal films with slow-paced yet steady plots that start with supernatural activities leading to a character’s possession by a spirit, then watch The Exorcist. This film is among the oldest and most famous films in this genre. Even after almost 50 years, this 70s horror classic is still horrific. According to many viewers, it is the scariest film, with a rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes.  


Jaws is an underwater horror from the brilliance of Steven Spielberg. The film revolves around a man-eating great white shark that is killing people in a beach town. The main characters are set on a mission to neutralize this shark that has been murdering people. When you are watching this film, there are plenty of scenes to give you goosebumps.  

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