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6 Living Room Tile Designs, Trends & Ideas



Living Room Tile Designs, Trends & Ideas

Searching tiles for living room design is quite a challenging task to do. Tile is a significant part of a room that shows your personality and taste. That’s why you have to choose a perfect color and design that follows the trends and matches the vibe of your overall decoration.

So to make your task easier, here we’ve shared some living room tile designs, trends & ideas. Go through this to make a sensible choice for your home.

6 Unique Living Room Tile Designs Ideas

Tiles are the perfect choice to make your living room floor as it is a high-traffic area. Moreover, tiles are easily manageable and maintainable. They are also a more cost-effective alternative to marble or other expensive floor planning.

You can find tiles of many shapes and designs available in the market, from glamourous marble designs to simple, woody looks. You can also add texture and pattern as you need.

Here are some of the latest tile designs on trend this year you can try for your room.


Terracotta sounds like something from hundreds of years ago, right? Well, the old design comes back to life again in a new form. The baked clay tone has the ability to warm up rooms, while you can also enjoy the rugged and refined earthy texture of these tiles.

Nowadays, as people are more into warm and natural colors, these tiles designs are getting extra attention.


The Moroccan style can be your perfect choice if you love vibrant colors. Because of their unique shade with intricate designs and mixed textures, this type of tile designs has become popular these days.

As these tiles are full of life patterns, the appearance becomes timeless. Surely, it will remain in the trend for upcoming many more years.

Moreover, they are also durable and long-lasting. Hence, you can install as well as maintain them easily. Moroccan tiles can be used as room, wall, or floor covering. These tiles also serve a decorative purpose. So, if you want to install it in a specific place instead of the entire space, this tile designs is a good option to go for.


Heritage tiles can become a trendy design for the living room with decorative details, refined color, etc. The classic design and modern influence make sure your living room design never goes out of style.

The remarkable thing about new heritage design is that it always regularly adapts and mixes new styles. As a result, they can create rich, deep, glazed surroundings with an aesthetic vibe.


While designing the living room or any other part of your house, hand-painted and organic designs have become today’s trend. And as Patina contains natural shade with hand-drawn and hand-painted patterns, they have become quite popular.

This Turkish delicate figurative design is rich in color and glossy in texture. If you want a luxurious wall in your living room, Patina is the tiles you should install.

Natural Color Tiles

For relaxation, human always tends to go back to nature. That’s why solid tiles with natural colors are gaining popularity day by day. When your living room reflects lush green, deep moss tones, and all the beautiful autumn colors, people will surely love it.

Green gets special attention for its versatility and vibrancy among all the colors. On the other hand, natural shades complemented by sisal, rattan, bamboo, and rustic wood also seem amazing.

Last but not least, white tiles are a popular choice in the living room when you want to achieve a modern décor. In comparison, glass tile patterns can add elegance to your living room wall.

Dark Color Tiles

The dark color tiles are the perfect selection for a big living room with lots of sunlight. The shade of faux wood, brown, beige, grey, amber hue, etc., are the most preferred colors used in living rooms.

Tips to Choose The Right Tiles for Your Living Room

Well, so far, you have seen the trendy design. While picking one, keep the following things in your mind.

  • Choose the shade that matches your existing interior or furniture
  • Make sure the texture and pattern reflect your personality
  • Focus on your room size, shape, and the availability of lights

To Conclude

Apart from the ideas above, you may find more living room tile designs, trends & ideas. As tiles are an important part of your living room décor, you can’t change them easily. So be sure about your decision and then install one.

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